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This is Ludvig the Wire-haired Dachshund / Ruhåret Gravhund from Project 100 Dogs / Projekt 100 Hunde


Project 100 Dogs / Projekt 100 Hunde Fine Art Prints are available in several sizes:


50 cm x 50 cm (19,68 inches x 19,68 inches) DKK 375,-

55 cm x 55 cm (21,65 inches x 21,65 inches)  DKK 405,-

60 cm x 60 cm (23,62 inches x 23,62 inches) DKK 437,-

65 cm x 65 cm (25,59 inches x 25,59 inches)  DKK 472,- 

70 cm x 70 cm (27,55 inches x 27,55 inches) DKK 510,- 

75 cm x 75 cm (29,52 inches x 29,52 inches) DKK 551,-

80 cm x 80 cm (31,49 inches x 31,49 inches)  DKK 594,- 


The Fine Art Prints are printed on thick and durable museum-quality Hahnemühle matte paper.


• Paper weight: 210 g

• Fine Art Mat Giclée print


The Fine Art Prints are shipped from Denmark from a printing house that I work together with. The prints are made on demand in regard to sustainability. The Fine Art Prints are packaged in a cardboard tube with a thin plastic wrapping. I am not happy about the plastic lids and the plastic wrapping but this is the only available packaging option at this time (The thin plastic wrapping protects the Fine Art Print and makes it easy to get it out of the tube