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We have focus on our retrailers.

It matters a great deal to us who we work with. And therefore we are proud to present our retrailers who share our beliefs for a better World.

If you would like to become a retailer, then please send an e-mail to: or use the form at the bottom of this page.







Fuglsang Kunstmuseum - Museum Shop

Fuglsang Kunstmuseum is on of Denmark's oldest art museums located in the beautiful area of Skejten in Lolland. The museum holds 200 years of Danish art from around 1780 to around 1980. The museum also present various exhibitions. The Museum Shop has a lovely selection of design and art.

Natural Living - Webshop

The owner Marilena of Natural Living is very passionate about sustainability and no compromises are made in regard to the products they sell. We love that! Marilena really makes an effort choosing the most sustainable products on the market. She has been living in Asia with her family for several years, and she has witnessed pollution, deforestation, poverty and overconsumption. Marilena's passion is a natural and simpel way of life that looks after the environment and Nature as much as possible.

Marilena says that it might seem difficult and expensive to live more natural and sustainable, but when we buy sustainable high quality products, that can be used over and over again, we save money and we save the environment and Nature for an unnecessary strain. That little everyday difference from all of us is of great importance to our Nature and the World we live in.

Politiken Plus

Poltiken Plus is the webshop of the major Danish Newspaper Politiken. Politiken Plus sells wonderful products of good quality and Danish design, all which are curated.


Ryegaard Rejsestald - Country Store in Lejre at Munkholmbroen

Ryegaard Rejsestald offers a unique selection of organic, Fair Trade, and quality products. A lot of the products are from small independent companies which adds to the unique experience it is to visit Ryegaard Rejsestald. Ryegaard Rejsestald only sells seconds (2. sortering).

The Organic Club - Copenhagen based Webshop

The Organic Club has a vision; making organic and sustainable products available to everyone. The Organic Club is truly dedicated to provide the best organic and sustainable products for our home.

The Organic Club says that to them sustainability is made up of consideration for the materials, the production, the quality and, not least, the ethics and responsibility. The Organic Club has taken these criteria for sustainability into account so that the consumer only needs to figure out what he/she needs and wants.

The Organic Club also says; "Design, quality and respect for people and nature are our foundation and our values."

The Organic Club offers a wide range of sustainable products; organic skincare, organic textiles, sustainable furniture and interior products. All their products are high quality products that are carefully curated.

Æglageret - Art Shop

In Æglageret you will find various art exhibitions, and in Æglagerets art shop you will find curated items from a lot of different artists.

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