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I started out with photography when I was a young girl. My dad was an estate agent and therefore my after school job was photographing houses. My dad has always been a very keen photographer, and I loved arranging his photos and looking at the slides. After finishing school I went to art school, and when I was 20 years old, I started my own photo studio. 

I have always been passionate about animals and nature. While exploring the world as a photographer, I have witnessed waste problems, nature problems as well as issues with wildlife habitat. But I have also witnessed locals making a positive impact on local wildlife and nature. And I have witnessed people singlehandedly making a positive change.

Having seen what I have seen, I needed to find a way to do something too.

Art and design have also been a big part of my life, and with all of this in my backpack, I decided to launch my sustainable brand Pernille Westh focusing on quality products that are durable and made as sustainable as possible. The packaging also plays a big role, and my team and me work on designing sustainable packaging for my products. The sale of these products make it possible for me to support, Verdens Skove (translated into Forests of the World), 4ocean and local initiatives like Pindsvinevennerne i Danmark, Dyrenes Beskyttelse, and World Animal Protection.

Eye on Nature!

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