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I want to protect our precious planet.

I want to help minimize waste, plastic, and over consumption. I want to maximize sustainability and wildlife- and nature rehabilitation.

What do I do?

I plant trees on our farm, and I plant trees with and I support Verdens Skove (translated into Forests of the World). I support 4ocean in their ocean clean up project. I use packaging for my products that you can put in your compost to avoid plastic and waste piles. We need trees and clean oceans if we want to reverse global warming as well as having oxygen to breathe. This is essential for our survival.

I create photographic art bringing nature into our homes in an artistic way as a tribute to our precious planet, its creatures and its beauty. Some of my photographic art is presented on porcelain, that is hand decorated in England. The china is very hardy making it longer lasting. It is lightweight which has a better impact transportation wise.

Other of my photographic art is presented on posters and prints. These are printed by a Danish CO2 neutral printing house on recyclable paper that is also compostable.

I believe it is important to help where you live as well as abroad. Once Denmark, where I live, was covered in forests, but many many years ago millions of trees where felled due to farming. I plant trees in Denmark to help correct this.

The exact same process is going on in other countries too - where rainforest is growning. I plant trees there too to avoid the same mistake from happening. We need to preserve the rainforest. 

I support 4ocean - an ocean clean up organization started by two American surfers in 2017. 4ocean is now the worlds largest ocean clean up company. Until now 4ocean has removed more than 2.139.000 kg of waste from our oceans.

This organization shows that it only takes a few people to make big changes in the world!

4Ocean is here.

I also support local initiatives like Pindsvinevennerne i Danmark, Danmarks Naturfredningsforening and Dyrenes Beskyttelse, as well as World Animal Protection and Greenpeace.


One Tree Planted is here.

Verdens Skove is here.

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