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We plant a tree for every order

OneTreePlanted logo square green.png

We are so exited!!! We are planting trees with

Every month we get to choose which location the trees will planted in.

We plant a tree for every order, and this means that you are helping me on my mission;

more trees · clean oceans · reuse, reduce & recycle

- and it means that you are helping our precious Planet 



· Trees absorb CO2 and release oxygen for us and our fellow creatures to breathe. They absorb harmful greenhouse gases in their leaves, branches and trunks.

· Trees filter the water we drink.

· Trees provide habitat to flora and fauna.

· A lot of people work in the forests and make a living from them.

· Ingredients from trees are used in medicine.

· Tree help keep the planet cool. They can reduce the overall temperature by up to 8 degrees celcius in cities.

· Trees prevent landslides.

· Trees provide streams.

To rescue our precious Planet we need to plant as many trees as we can, and we also need to clean our oceans.

The ocean plants also absorb CO2 and release oxygen. But in order for the ocean plants

(and all the sea animals) to thrive, the plastic in the oceans need to be removed.

We need to avoid waste.

We can enjoy beautiful things and reuse, reduce & recycle at the same time.

Everyone living here should be committed to take care of our precious Planet.

Luckily so many people and companies are now devoted to helping our precious Planet.

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