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Our company is located on a farm in Lejre Municipality, an ancient viking land, surrounded by fjords, meadows, and precious and rural northern nature. Our farm is located between two very old and picturesque villages of Kyndeløse and Nr. Hyllinge. Both villages are listed as cultural conservation areas and the first records of them date back to 1278 and 1275 respectively.

The farm uses solar power and geothermal heat. We have free roaming chickens. We plant for the bees and butterflies. There are endangered frogs in the marshes on our land, the hares and the pheasants and the deer roam freely, and some of our land is meadows grazed by horses. The land is grown organically. We have focus on sustainability in all aspects. Eg. we work together with our local job center providing jobs for interns. In our garden we can harvest fruit, berries, and nuts, and we grow a variety of vegetables. We collect rainwater to use for watering purposes. We try to be as self sufficient as possible, and we upcycle, repair, reuse, reduce and recycle.



We have focus on our packaging.

Pernille creates photographic art on porcelain with focus on packaging. The porcelain is decorated by hand in Stoke-on-Trent in England. Stoke-on-Trent is an old pottery area filled with ancient traditions working with porcelain.

Our packaging is in focus to inspire others to also focus on their packaging, so that we hopefully can avoid future plastic production. Plastic in really not good for our planet - or for us; it is poisonous to produce and to burn, and approx. 80% of all waste that for one reason or another lies around in Nature ends up in the ocean.

Some of the products have a hemp twine wrapped around then. This hemp twine is made by women in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh it is an old tradition to make rope and twine this way, and the production of the twine is part of a Fair Trade project. Our Uncle Poul is one of the pioneers in Fair Trade in Denmark. The twine can be reused or it can be put in the compost. For instance the twine can be used for tying up the tomato plants if you are a tomato crazy person like Pernille, or it can be used for wrapping around a gift etc.


The paper is cradle-to-cradle paper, and it is printed at KLS PurePrint, which is the most sustainable printing house in the whole world! And it is situated in Denmark. They have electric cars and everything. It is really cool! The paper can be recycled with the normal paper waste, or it can be put in the compost.

There is a great little film (duration: 3 min. 52 sec.) that KLS PurePrint has made which you can watch by clicking one of the versions below:




Some of the products have  little tag - and it is a very special little tag, because it contains seeds for evergreen trees. Så it is plantable! The tags are from England, and the trees are native to Europe and Northern America. The World needs more trees, and this is what the little tag is helping creating focus on.

We continue to develop our products and our packaging - og then we plant trees. is helping us plant trees.

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