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Project TRÆ - the exhibition

Trees are essential to life on our precious Planet!

This large scale outdoor photographic exhibition is 
aiming to raise awareness
of the importance of protecting forests and rainforests and planting more trees.

Around 591 trees are felled per minute (source: If the deforestation of the rainforest continues as now, the rainforest will be completely gone by the year 2100.
This will cause devastating situations on planet Earth.

In an artistic, uplifted and colourful way the exhibition explains what trees can do to help saving our precious planet.

It is of high importance that we focus on the role of the trees, forests and rainforests.

The exhibition is free to visit and is for everyone both young and adult.

The exhibition consists of 100 artistic images of trees followed by a short 
informative text. It is planned that we plant 100 trees in the area that the exhibition
visits in cooperation with the local community.

The exhibition is set up in 102 large stainless steel displays made into 34 triangels.
There are 100 images of trees and 2 informative boards.
One display is approx. 153 cm wide and approx. 214 cm tall. The images measure
145 cm x 145 cm. The text board is placed below the image.
Solar lamps are placed on the displays for nice cosyness during the darker hours.
As the set-up is wind, water and snow proof, the exhibition can be set up in all areas

My team and I will set up the exhibition and move it again.

The exhibition is planned to start in the northern part of Sjælland,
and then move around Denmark before it travels abroad.

If you are a commune or an association that would like t
he exhibition to visit you, then please contact us here:

If you are a sponsor wanting to sponsor
 funds or trees, then please
contact Pernille here:

Screen Shot 2023-11-23 at 13.48.58.png
Trees are essential to life on our precious Planet!

· Tress absorb CO2 and release oxygen

· Trees are home to many animals.

· Trees provide shade and

· Trees hold on to the soil, so that landslides are avoided.

· Trees help keeping down the temperature of our Planet.

· Trees provide biodiversity.

· Trees provide fruit, nuts and medicine.

· Trees prevent drought.

· Trees cooperate with the water cycle filling up rivers and streams.

100 of these tree facts is presented on the exhibition.

It is believed that there are about three trillion trees on Earth
distributed over approx. 60,000 types of species.

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